Ok. Time to be honest. I am not insane (as far as you know).

This is just a safe place for me to write and out down my all my crazy thoughts. They are not really that crazy, but some go against the mainstream views. Although nowadays it is getting harder and harder to tell what is “mainstream” and what isn’t. They one thing I do know is that the world doesn’t care what viewpoint you have; it doesn’t care what you think. It’s moving on regardless.

And it moves on in a somewhat predictable way. Cycles repeat. People do the same stupid things over and over again. We are all human and humans act in a similar way across time and locations. We repeat the same mistakes and make the same assumptions that our ancestors did. Being aware of these cycles, may … may let you avoid the mistakes that may come from them. Or at least what is or maybe coming when other people do not – a big advantage in almost everything.

Bottom line: Being aware of history and a keen observer of what is really happening and not what you think might happen is the true divination of the gods. A way to predict the future with your crazy thoughts and observations.