“You are cordially invited to an invasion party”

Its BYOT (bring your own tanks)

Did I see hear what I thought I heard this afternoon?

Did I see what I think I saw?

The President invited Putin to invade Ukraine

Now I am a crazy person, so maybe I misheard. . . .But it sure sounded like he said a “minor incursion” was ok. Just don’t do the whole big invasion thing.

Is that right?

Is that what he said?

Sorry but that is freaking nuts!!

I am buying more gold and bitcoin tomorrow, because who knows how long this whole world thing will hold itself together. Storing it offshore too… someplace that is not Russia, China, or the United States. Someplace safe and isolated. . . like Tonga. ( ummmm . . .maybe not).

So get ready. Because no matter how hard Jen Psaki tries to clean this one up, Putin (and China) heard what they heard. They have it on tape. And they are trying to figure out exactly how big an invasion is a “minor” one. Needless to say, none of this was good if you live in Kiev.

Not good at all.