Trump will be Acquitted

I am not even going to get into the craziness that is Trump’s trial in NYC.

What a shit show.

But what I will get into is the outcome. I think he will be acquitted despite being in a very political biased area.

You see, this is a difficult case to make. Requires proof of not one, but two crimes (the false documents and underlying felony). And the only person who has tied the defendant to the first crime is Cohen – and he does not appear to be a reliable witness.

I have faith in our jury system. Maybe it is misplaced, but I believe that jurors take their charges seriously. So I think in the end he will be acquitted. The case should have (and never would have been brought against anyone other than Trump) never been filed. Maybe the judge will dismiss (doubt it), but I think the jury will.

I guess we will see what happens. Even if he is convicted he will immediately appeal – which will be successful – and be free on bond in the meantime.

I am not sure when or how we started down this “law fare” path. But it is a dangerous one. And must stop. Hopefully this jury will put a stop to it since and for all.